We are The Next Wave: Why you can still get to where you want.

It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you, without some dope blogs to get through. (make sure you read that in a Timberland voice).

I was away┬áin Jamaica for a couple of weeks and wasn’t using internet at all whilst there.

However I did film and upload a video the night before I left and that is what I wanted to elaborate on here.

I had just finished watching the Golden Globes nomination ceremony (or something like that) and basically they were doing these lifetime achievement awards. It’s always so cool to look at somebody’s career and also the impactful work that they are doing away from that and celebrating it.

Rather than just being idle and watching, it made me think.

I was looking out at that audience of mostly well known older actors.

Inside view of the audience at the 80th Academy Awards

Then I had a thought.

Where are all of the people that will be receiving those awards in 10 or 20 years time?

Who will even be the actors sitting in that room?

The people always change

The thing is the people are always changing but the roles need to be filled.

I remember when I used to work in a Museum. When i’d approach the entrance there was always this woman shouting out at the people in the que and trying to sell them a guide.

I’d always walk past and into the staff entrance thinking i’m happy I don’t have to shout at people all morning.

One morning I came in and the lady wasn’t there anymore. There was however another woman trying to get peoples attention to sell them a guide.

Then I remember walking through the Museum and having this realisation that despite who is in the particular position, everything keeps going.

As I type this there will be somebody serving coffee in one of the zones I used to work in.

It’s the same in any field that you want to go into.

Work while you wait

If you want to entertain or help people on the internet, do it! Don’t think about how many subscribers and followers the big guys have. Or start a company, or whatever it is you want to do.

It can be disheartening to not get much views or feedback when you are pouring your time, heart and creativity into something.

But remember this.

One day that person that people are so used to watching/reading/etc will stop and move onto something else.

Once upon a time the people of Manchester would have all been buying Beckham shirts. A little later they were all buying Ronaldo shirts.

What I am trying to say is that in whatever you want to do, don’t be discouraged by how far ahead those who are already doing it are.

We are part of the next wave. The sooner you start to put time and effort into the areas that you want to grow, the better position you will be in when those at the top move on. Then when people are looking around for the next person to fill that gap, you will be in the prime seat.

And this doesn’t just go for creativity it’s exactly the same for your career.

If you want a promotion, work while you wait. When the persona who has the position you want moves up or moves on, if you are the next best thing available, then guess what, congratulations on your promotion.

Nathaniel GE

See You In 5


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