Hustle New Year [Short Poem]

Little something I wrote just after midnight on New Years Day

Man I really hope that it’s a Happy New Year
Cos if were honest with ourselves we’ve all had a few (night)mares
Am I too deep? Lets go have a few beers
Less thinking, more drinking and more cheers
Then look back in a year like what happened? With more tears.

Or maybe we can switch it up, no more Happy New Year,
Now on Jan the 1st lets say challenge your fears,
Noones even happy till they’ve had a few drinks,
Clock on in the morning and their attitude stinks
If you saw your face, you’d be thinking what a waste
Forget about the year, lets try Happy New Day.

Whats this happy thing anyway, lets break it down
Do you think (Gareth) Bale was happy during late nights at the training ground,
Do you think happy will just pick up your life and change it round?
Of course I wish you happiness we’re all on the pursuit,
But instead of those three words I offer you another view,
To reach success there’s stress and challenges along the way,
So if your year is ONLY happy, where you are, is where you’ll stay,

So instead I wish you all a very Hustle New Year,
Right now you cant connect the dots but looking back it will be clear,
See me I think a lot and thats the reason i’m aware,
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I also just uploaded a video version to my channel

Just a bit of a different perspective instead of saying the same thing all the time with no real meaning behind it.