3 films that will inspire you

I was talking to a friend the other day and she was asking me how to get out of a rut. She was feeling quite unmotivated and a bit down.

One of the things I suggested to her was to watch an inspiring film or documentary in the evenings (when you can) and sent her a couple of links to get started.

I had been in the same position a week earlier and I found that watching a new movie in the evening really changed my mindset and motivated me to get up and get going for the whole of that week.

I feel like watching films helps to take you out of your everyday reality. It throws you into somebody else’s dream, a whole new world.

I remember I watched ‘A trip to Unicorn Island’, the documentary following Lilly Singh aka Superwoman’s rise to fame on YouTube and showing the journey as her and her team go on a world tour. It was so inspiring I went to bed so eager to wake up and put out some great content on my own channel.

After that I had a really successful couple of weeks on YouTube. My head was just in a different place and I was killing it.

So in this video I speak about 3 films that all inspired me in different ways.

No Cameras Allowed 

This is a really awesome documentary. It’s kind of a coming of age film about sneaking into music festivals and starting a career in event photography instead of finishing university. I have a few strong interests and one of those is videography. So seeing a young person growing and making a career in the event photography world is really interesting for me.

This documentary also really leaves you thinking about how important family and friends are and not losing sight of that on your journey. Or maybe that you need to work on building up that friendship base going forward.

Funny side story. The same week I watched this film I went to a small park festival in Hyde Park, London with some friends. They wanted to go to the open air film screening of grease. The problem was that they weren’t letting in more people until the next screening because they never had enough headphones for everybody and there was a lonnnng queue. So what do you think I did? haha. After watching this film I found myself looking around the barriers and eventually I spotted a gap a few people were going through at the side. So I walked of and snuck inside.

But here is the best part. I noticed that in order to control who was in there, the security were givings stamps to people who wanted to go out and come back in. That way they knew who was already in there. So I walked over casually and asked (pretending I didn’t know) ‘Hey, if I go out can I come back in?’. The reply was ‘Only if you have a stamp!’. So I let them give me a stamp and walked out knowing I could walk in again whenever I wanted to despite the massive queue waiting to go in. hahaha.

We Are Your Friends

This film isn’t so deep but there is a message in there. It tells the story of a group of friends living near silicon Valley trying to make money and wondering what they are going to do next with their lives. They don’t want to promote nightclubs and sell bad loans forever.

The main story is about a young budding DJ/producer as he makes connections and tries to play at a music festival whilst working on his record that can blow up and kick start his career.

It’s a very recent film and I found it interesting at one point when one of the friends is saying what’s the point of us getting these rubbish jobs when other kids our age are making apps like Whats App and making millions and billions. It was only a side comment but I pick up on these things and it’s very in line with my own thought process.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

I would assume most people have seen this film. It tells the story of an office worker breaking out of his boring everyday routine and going on a life-changing adventure. He has low self esteem and is forced to break through this whilst also trying to get the attention of a female co-worker he admires.

There is just so much awesomeness about this film. The funny day-dream sequences, the message of not becoming complacent, the tagline of ‘Stop dreaming, start living’ and many other things.

What are some of your favourite inspirational films? I would love to check them out.

Hope you enjoy the video and if you did dont forget to subscribe.

I forget how much I enjoy just chilling and writing  blog posts xD

Definitely going to stay more active on here.

Have a great day

Nathaniel GE


Positive thinking in business and life. Steve Jobs Reality distortion field [Video]

The day after the night before and the new video is up!

If you read the last post you would know I really tried to make this video informative but keep it moving so it never got boring. Would love to hear your feedback.

What is it about?

In this video i’m talking about the something attributed to Steve Jobs in almost any documentary you watch about him. His ability to change the norms, see things the way he wanted to make them and push his way towards that vision.

I decided to break it down into personal and interpersonal skills.

There are also mentions of young entrepreneurs Jamal Edwards and Lilly Singh.

Also I added some questions at the end for discussion. You could answer here or on the YouTube page.

1. Do you have any examples of when using the reality distortion field has helped you to achieve something?

2. When has somebody else’s RDF affected you in a positive way and who?

Hope you enjoy!

Nathaniel GE,

See You In 5.

Long long day. Thoughts after a day of editing

It’s been a long long day.. (listen to the song at bottom whilst you read 🙂 If you want.)

I just spent the whole day finishing and uploading video number 17 (my special number).

‘Positive thinking in business and life | Steve Jobs reality distortion field.’


There is something so relaxing about spending your Saturday editing a well put together video that reflects your thoughts. I got it down from 15 minutes to 8 minutes and then 8 minutes to just under 6.

This video felt like a step forward in terms of my learning experience of making these videos online.

I must have watched it back about 50 times to make sure its not boring and keeps moving. For example In the ‘Perfectionism prevents progress‘ video I didn’t get to the point of what the video was actually about until 50 seconds in. In this one I get into it at 15 seconds.

I also added a contents at the start and timestamps in the description for people that come across the video and want to get to a certain part.

This is only the second video i’ve made using Final Cut Pro X after upgrading a couple of weeks back.

Starting to get used to it. The text looks so much more current than the old Final Cut Pro 7 text.

Anyway I know only a few people will be interested in this but it’ll be cool to look back on in terms of progress.

I guess we’ll see in about a month what the analytics are like for the video in terms of audience retention and engagement.

I’ll post the video in the morning when everybody wakes up.

Nathaniel GE,

See You In 5

p.s I will be using this song for an epic vlog/montage one day. So you’ll remember where its from. “p

I’ve basically been listening to it all day whilst editing.

and I love one of the last lines in this song

‘Sometimes it takes times like these to know, you’re in the right place’.

I should probably eat something now..


We are The Next Wave: Why you can still get to where you want.

It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you, without some dope blogs to get through. (make sure you read that in a Timberland voice).

I was away in Jamaica for a couple of weeks and wasn’t using internet at all whilst there.

However I did film and upload a video the night before I left and that is what I wanted to elaborate on here.

I had just finished watching the Golden Globes nomination ceremony (or something like that) and basically they were doing these lifetime achievement awards. It’s always so cool to look at somebody’s career and also the impactful work that they are doing away from that and celebrating it.

Rather than just being idle and watching, it made me think.

I was looking out at that audience of mostly well known older actors.

Inside view of the audience at the 80th Academy Awards

Then I had a thought.

Where are all of the people that will be receiving those awards in 10 or 20 years time?

Who will even be the actors sitting in that room?

The people always change

The thing is the people are always changing but the roles need to be filled.

I remember when I used to work in a Museum. When i’d approach the entrance there was always this woman shouting out at the people in the que and trying to sell them a guide.

I’d always walk past and into the staff entrance thinking i’m happy I don’t have to shout at people all morning.

One morning I came in and the lady wasn’t there anymore. There was however another woman trying to get peoples attention to sell them a guide.

Then I remember walking through the Museum and having this realisation that despite who is in the particular position, everything keeps going.

As I type this there will be somebody serving coffee in one of the zones I used to work in.

It’s the same in any field that you want to go into.

Work while you wait

If you want to entertain or help people on the internet, do it! Don’t think about how many subscribers and followers the big guys have. Or start a company, or whatever it is you want to do.

It can be disheartening to not get much views or feedback when you are pouring your time, heart and creativity into something.

But remember this.

One day that person that people are so used to watching/reading/etc will stop and move onto something else.

Once upon a time the people of Manchester would have all been buying Beckham shirts. A little later they were all buying Ronaldo shirts.

What I am trying to say is that in whatever you want to do, don’t be discouraged by how far ahead those who are already doing it are.

We are part of the next wave. The sooner you start to put time and effort into the areas that you want to grow, the better position you will be in when those at the top move on. Then when people are looking around for the next person to fill that gap, you will be in the prime seat.

And this doesn’t just go for creativity it’s exactly the same for your career.

If you want a promotion, work while you wait. When the persona who has the position you want moves up or moves on, if you are the next best thing available, then guess what, congratulations on your promotion.

Nathaniel GE

See You In 5


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The front of the line


Second attempt at a quote picture.

The first full week of 2016 is pretty much already over.

Next week I will turn 26.

Right now i’m reflecting on the past week. What did I achieve, what did I not get round to doing and how can I make sure I do those things in the coming week.

Also thinking about the year in general and things I would like to achieve.

Which systems need to be put in place to allow us to guarantee we achieve what we said we wanted to? Ie a daily schedule. Something to consider.

Hope you all had a great week.

Have a great weekend.

Nathaniel GE,

See You In 5


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Maximising your day the Casey Neistat way

I wanted to post something for you guys before I head off to work.

Maybe you are thinking about the things you want to achieve in 2016 and how you can go about finding the time to do those things.

I’ve been watching Casey Neistat on YouTube for about 2 months now, but it feels more like a year because he posts awesome vlogs everyday.

This is one of my favourites because it’s about time management and productivity.

In this video Casey lays out how crams so much into each day. Bare in mind this guy runs a YouTube channel with almost 2million subscribers, films and edits a vlog everyday, co-owner of a startup app company called Beme which he runs in New York, and spends time with his family everyday.

After I watched this video I sat down and laid out my 24hr day and how I want to be.

It was actually a great task because I immediatley became aware of where I need to use my time and how early I need to wake up if I want to realistically achieve the things I want to in a day.

It was also a bit of a slap in the face as to realsing you really have to be selective about what you work on each day and throughout the week having a weekly goal in mind if you really want to achieve any momentum and get things done.

Still working on that. The 4am starts haven’t happened yet. Im trying to win the battle against snooze.

Have a great sunday and I hope this post is off benefit to you.

If you would like to go further into a time management technique there is a video I made on it here.

p.s The See You In 5 community on this blog reached 50 yesterday!

Nathaniel GE

See You In 5

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