Guddhism // The problem with dreaming.

Shonda Rhimes:  A screenwriters advice (Source: Zen Pencils) Click to enlarge, if needed.

I have to say that I believe the dreaming, getting inspired part is extremely important. The problem is, you can get stuck at that stage. A stage I know too well.

You crave the adrenalin of ‘you can do anything’ and you feel pumped. Then you feel down because other than talking and planning you haven’t done anything, so you need that kick again.

It becomes a spiral which gets you nowhere closer to your actual goal.

So the key is to do. I realised this and that is why I started this blog. There are other things I want to do but at least now I am getting into the habit of doing, committing to a project and building something which has the potential to be pretty cool.

I think the problem is, the actual doing part is not always as fun as the initial excitement of having the idea. Because when you have the idea, you picture the end goal. Before you get to that stage there is a lot of work involved.

Yesterday I woke up and realised I needed to post a SaturdayShort. Which made me realise I need to be ready with something every weekend. Which is good, because it means I’m already getting a lesson in the consistency, planning and dedication it takes to create something and keep it alive.

I checked the stats of the blog in the evening and the SaturdayShort had some views from Czech Republic, which was really cool for me. To think there were people in Czech Republic watching a Saturday Short on my site is like a taste of that end vision I had at the start.

Thats without mentioning all of the views and follows from my midweek post Head In the clouds (Poem).

Have a great week and keep dreaming of those ideas you have to better yourself or build something.

Just don’t forget to wake up and start to do.

Even just do what I am doing by starting some sort of project that gets you into the habit of thinking creatively and being consistent.

Nathaniel GE.


Me Gustas! Guddhism Sundays

This is a Spanish song which was playing whilst I was out driving through sunny Naples with some friends this weekend. I Hope it can bring you some good vibes on your sunday, no matter what the weather is like where you are.


Guddhism explained (In short): The idea for Guddishm came to me pretty naturally. It is basically just a lifestyle, an idea and could possibly be a movement of good vibes. I felt it would be good if there was something young people could have on a Sunday where they can be in a positive environment together, be inspired and refreshed for the week ahead without any boundaries created by being from different religions.