Always Produce – Advice for beginners.

Ira Glass – Advice for beginners (Zen Pencils).

Followed by my commentary on the gap between your taste and your end result as a creative.

I love this comic strip so much.

It pretty much covers everything when it comes to creating and the boundaries we build for ourselves.

Taste and the gap

‘All of us who do creative work, we get into it because we have good taste’

I remember on a saturday morning watching Football Focus (a football review/build up show) and I absolutely LOVED when they had a montage as a build up before a game. Sometimes with cool hip hop music over slick shots of the city the game would take place in and cut backs to important moments from matches. Other times the montage would be more dramatic, motivational music and telling some kind of story.

I also used to love watching the documentaries on BBC3 (I still do) and back before I went to University they had audio documentaries on Max’s show on 1xtra.

These, plus music videos, films and my ideas inspired me to go to University and study video and film production. It was because of that taste, that vision of the amazing films or creative pieces I could make.

The Gap

Then comes the doing part.

I just thought of an analogy.

Imagine having a parent who is an award winning chef. Because they are always travelling the world you only get to see them a few times a year. When you do see them, you eat the most amazing food which they have cooked for you. No other food compares to this.

Having been giving this palette of delicious foods you know you also want to create food this delicious. Its built within you and you know you want it for yourself and to share with others.

The problem is, when you go home and have to cook your own dinner, the end result isn’t quite the same.

In fact, you would enjoy the processed food in the corner shop much more than what you are making.

Sure, you enjoy the process, you try to get the best ingredients you can afford, but the end product really lacks those high standards you are used to and what you wanted to eat.

This is what it’s like as a creative.

My personal creative gap

There are cool little moments in each video I make that appetise my taste

the most popular video on my YouTube channel is a behind the scenes video I did for uk rapper Lady Leshurr and Paigey Cakey. It has over 4,500 views.

Do you want to know what my favourite part of that video is?

Its the last 5 seconds.

The background picture is a (I beleive) beautifully composed over the shoulder shot showing Leshurr (The artist) with her tagline on the back of her jacket and her fans sitting alongside mingling together wearing her t-shirts.

Then, I edited in the twitter addresses of myself and the 2 artists.

But when it comes to editing I am a biggggg fan of synchronisation. When you edit something to the beat i think it just looks so slick.

So our twitter addresses come in 1 by 1 in time with the beat and then fade away.

And that right there when I see it I smile and im like ‘yeah’. 🙂

This blog doesn’t look as amazing as I would like.

But when you are starting out, there is a gap between what you see in your head and what you currently have the skills to produce.

If i hired a graphic designer and programmer this would be the most interactive beautiful looking blog you have ever seen.

I know that collaboration is important but I am also enjoying making slow improvements week by week and I value learning skills myself.

I also know that I got a bit sidetracked from this blog but im back and I remember how much I enjoy sitting down and composing my thoughts in text form.

Always produce

Casey neistat has a Tatoo saying ‘Do more’, Chip has two saying ‘Believe’ and ‘Achieve’.

If I were to get a tattoo it would say ‘Always produce’.

Those two words have literally stuck with me since reading that strip over a year ago.

If you look at the ‘Nate Creates’ playlist on my channel you will see #AlwaysProduce in the description.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 12.29.30

That is a reminder to myself.

A reminder that although these videos (end products) aren’t as crystal clear and amazing as my original vision, the only way I can bridge that gap is to keep producing them.

‘Because its only by going through a volume of work that you’re going to close that gap.  And the work you’re making will be as good as your ambitions’.

So let’s do it. Whatever it is you want to do, let’s work on it consistently. Maybe it’s more than one thing. This is what the See You in 5 idea is about.

I hope to grow the See You In 5 community.

Week in week out lets do the things we want to be good at and build.

The weekly results may not match our taste and therefore the reception from others may not be the best, but if we keep at it for the next 5 years consistently, i’m pretty sure the gap between our taste and what we are creating will be a lot closer than today.

And once we bridge that gap, you and I both know we can do anything, connect with the world and people will be amazed.

Also I promise to be more active on this blog again from now on.

I just made an instagram which I will be posting creative stuff on.

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel (10 more subs to 50!) if you like.

If you use twitter I am @nathaniege

Have a productive week.

Nathaniel GE

See You in 5


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