Takeaway Tracks: Santigold – Disparate Youth [See You In 5 Anthem!]

First and foremost, this song is my See you In 5 Anthem.

When before I started this blog I would lie down, headphones on blasting this song and daydreaming about my future and this cool idea I had for a blog and community for people to be inspired, inspire each other and progress in different areas. I have an extremely vivd (and funny) imagination.

i have had dreams where I have unexpectedly won an award for something at a big award show with well known names and then this song has started playing as I walk up to receive my award.

The song opens with what for me is the most important line in the song.

“Don’t look ahead there’s stormy weather, another road block in our way’

For somebody like me who can have problems with over over thinking and/or procrastination this line hits home. For me it’s saying stop thinking about what could go wrong and just start moving forward. First of all when you start thinking about something you want to do, you start to build all of these mental roadblocks. Oh but what if this happens, oh maybe I should do this first. There wil always be a reason we give ourselves not to do what we want to do, the self imposed road blocks.

“But if we go we go together, our hands are tied here if we stay”

Go is like, if we go from thinking to the doing stage. If we decide to climb past those self imposed road blocks leave comfort zone island, get on the boat of effort/doing and head into those vast stormy seas in the hope of one day reaching the island that we think could exist in the other side.

Beautiful Breakdown As I wrote that I just realised the music video literally shows the exact journey I just described above.

convincing yourself as you leave comfort zone island (maybe watching motivational videos) crossing the bridge of uncertainty getting onto the boat and heading into the rough uncertain waters of doing and effort.
reaching the island, followers running towards yours arrival (people who have been watching you on th come up, new people joining in) eagles, snakes other animals watching you as you arrive on dream island. (there is always that chance of everything going wrong or people wishing bad on you and every stage, more so the further you get)
then at the end with your community (tribe) the internet is about tribes, mention the book. First beautiful breakdown video and take waytrack video (Y)

“Oh we said our dreams will carry us, and if they don’t fly we will run,
Now we push right past to find out, oh how to win what they all lost”

Now we push right past to find out, how to win what they all lost. Thats what its all about. You see people doing work they don’t like, complaining with this I hate Mondays attitude because it means going back to work and not feeling like there is any way out. I’ve had weeks were I’ve been so busy at work it all just blurs together and its like, whats the point?

Its about winning back what the majority seem to lose around their mid 20’s (where I am now). That optimism and courage to try, thinking different and seeing the bigger picture.

That one line is really powerful actually. I just had this artistic image in my head of how that line could be turned into a great painting/image.

A grey rainy morning in London (like right now) at a packed tube station with commuters all in black with miserable faces going up the escalators heading towards the exit for Average Town. Then this group of a few people – in colour- pushing their way through the crowd, heading in the other direction- determination on their faces- to a sign saying ‘greatness – Exit here.’

‘So let them say we won’t do better,
Lay out the rules that we can’t break,
They wanna sit and watch you wither.
Their legacy’s too hard to take’

I don’t even feel as though i have to go into this one too much. We have all had people laugh at our ideas or question your intentions like ‘Why would you want to have your own business :s’ or ‘you’re not ready to be a team leader’ and these kind of things. In these moments the person is kind of talking to themselves because your ambitions can hurt their pride a little if they have already decided to settle for where they are at. There is a quote that goes something like ‘Remember everybody wants you to do well, but never better than them.

‘You know that we want more,
A life worth fighting for.’

A beautiful line to end this first takeaway tracks with and a great summary of the See You In 5 concept.

Nathaniel GE,

See You In 5

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