Speed up!

‘im not telling you to do more, I’m telling you to optimise what you are already doing” – Eric Thomas

What does speed up mean to me?

Speeding up is exactly what I have realised I need to do. I have so many ideas on a daily basis.

The problem is new ideas are being generated faster than the original ideas are being executed.

This means for example I have a great idea about a video I want to edit. I know which song I want to use, I start saving video clips I want to use in the montage and maybe i put together the first 30 seconds in Final Cut Pro, so that I can start to see how it is looking.

In that moment, or during that day I can fully see where I want to go with this idea, I can see the end product, it’s amazing and  I am on a roll.

What happens next is the important part.

Im away from the video project doing something else and then boom! Next fantastic idea comes into my mind. Whoa this idea is amazing. Start making notes or open another project file and I’m totally consumed in the world of this new idea.

Finishing faster

Having too many ideas can be both a gift and a curse. I am also aware that it is better to commit to an idea and follow through before jumping to the next sparkly one. This struggle is covered in this beautifully illustrated story by Rilla Alexander 

You can’t slow down having new ideas.

If like me, you have them constantly then thats just how it is.

Anyway, would you really want to limit your creativity?

So if you can’t slow down your ideas, what can you do?

Speed up your execution.

For my video example that would mean don’t procrastinate. Finish that video. If its possible to do it that same night or over the next couple days then do it. Even on this blog I have about 7 half finished posts in my drafts.


I think its important we look at what is slowing us down, we need to look at where things are going wrong for us so that we can improve on them. Remember we are on this journey together. Im not some young successful entrepreneur, but like you, I’m working on it.

To get away from average we have to be a people who go out and work on what we talk and think about. Because what you will find is that speeding up will librate you to work on new ideas.

To be honest all of our ideas are probably not as great as we think. Or the execution may not match up to the picture we have.

But via speeding up and getting more done, you move ahead and are open to work on the next one. Before you know it you have this portfolio of stuff you have done. An ongoing one which keeps getting bigger and better with every idea you follow through with. Meanwhile your skills are also improving.

To you it may seem like nothing but to others they will look at you as a doer whilst you also get into the habit acting on your thoughts.

Be Specific

Rather than just saying something in general like ‘speed up’, we then have to think what that specifically means for us. For me :

More blog posts.
Finish queue of videos so I can start new ones.
Move forward with business and project ideas I am discussing with people.

What does speed up mean for you and how could speeding up help you accelerate towards greatness?

Time to go up a gear.

See You In 5

Nathaniel GE


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