Who is I? (2/2)

Continuation from Who is I (1/2)

If an an Alien came to Earth and asked you how you move you would probably think it was a stupid question. Ok so how do you move? My first thought in attempting to answer this is I put my one foot in front of the other, or I move my arm to pick something up. Oh.. the vauge ‘I’. No but how do you actually do it? The Alien says. Ok so a thought goes from our brain to our body and it gives an instruction. This all happens behind the scenes and we never hear this conversation. We aren’t there constantly giving our body instructions like siri.

Infact when you think of it, Siri and google voice are technology at the elementary phase of trying to mirror the connection between mind and body with mind and phone. It is comical to think of people walking around saying, right hand pick up water bottle and then bring towards mouth. However we are still doing this with our phones. ‘Open Facebook’ , ‘Call mum’. However google recently bought a neuroscience company called DeepMind who will work on creating phones that already know what you want them to do. Sound familiar? See where I’m going?

Our bodies very much have life of their own, quite literally if we look at science. ‘We’ can move our hands and arms but we can’t decide to pump blood around our body, we dont control our nervous system or the other millions of things happening in our body every millisecond to keep us moving. Within us lies a mass universe of differing systems and live (bacteria, neurones, blood cells) and we are all the gods of these universes. Maybe thats why our eyes kind of look like the universe. Remember they very much have lives and talk to each other. They even have jobs! They work 24/7 for us.

Due to our culture and language of ‘I’, ‘You’ etc we grow to see our body and mind as one person. Its like the whole never judge a book by its cover saying. People with beautiful bodies but their mind, the actual person you get to know, doesn’t match up. And why should it?

We are not our bodies. The fact that we wear clothing enables us to have some sort of style and identity. But lets remember clothing isn’t natural. If we were all naked, like animals it would come down to just getting to know each others minds/the ‘person’ inside. No clothing to create divisions and classes, no make up or hair products, just humans. Im not saying this is how it should be but I’m just taking it back to basics.

So back to my earlier point. Really when we think of our birthday, we are celebrating the day we first had our vehicle given to us. We can’t remember the day at all, and we are told it was a gift from mum and dad (but kind of mostly mum). In terms of ‘us’ the conscious you which is reading this right now, we have no idea when we were ‘born’.

This lead me to think. Do babies have thoughts and a conscious. Were we there at 2 months old talking to ourselves and making decisions? Or was our body in control, making sure it alerted us when to eat, when to urinate and when to sleep. Was our body babysitting us whilst it waited for our conscious to grow up?

Or, Do we start out with minds we can’t even comprehend and then slowly lose them. For example can babies talk to each other telepathically? Or maybe in some other way. Think of ants and other creatures that communicate without ‘talking’ or making noises.

So considering we have no idea when we are born, its kind of like ‘we’ just are. There was no birth of our conscious. So could this also mean there is no death for ‘us’ after our vehicle goes to the scrap yard?

Maybe this is what people talk about with your ‘soul’ leaving your body before you die. Im sure I will have numerous posts exploring life after ‘death’ as its something which intrigues me and I think about and like to research and see other peoples guesses (thats all we can do).

Nathaniel GE,

See You In 5


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