Saturday Shorts #4 // ONE [Short Film]

I really like the concept of this short film produced by Wong Fu Productions. I have always found the idea of different dimensions or realities interesting.

Tag Line:
This life holds infinite possibilities. A street performer in one life. An international megastar in another. Which will you choose?

Whether it is true or not I love this quote from the film.

“This life is the only one we will ever know. Why not make it everything you want it to be?”

As I write this a thought just crossed my mind. This idea of an ‘A successful me in another dimension’ could also be a metaphor for us having this image of ourselves in our head someday achieving this thing we are always thinking about.

And because we have this image of it we are content with the present because it will probably somehow happen.

Or even worse. Thinking it and always having this image of it can make you feel like it has already been achieved.

Anyway hope you enjoyed this and have a great Saturday.

See You In 5

Nathaniel GE


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