Domino Effect: Potential waiting

Its kind of weird to think that there is a whole team of Innate employees out there that don’t know it yet. They are most probably like me at a stage where they have a feeling there is something great round the corner but just don’t know how or when it will happen.

Kind of like that thought of what is the person you will marry or spend most of your life with doing right now?

There are stacks of Innate documentaries, original series, sketches and articles waiting to happen. There is also an audience that will grow to love Innate content and grow into a community. Watching shows they never thought they wanted to see and being part of something big, something cool. The problem is that they cant happen until a certain event occurs. That event is the founder, in this case myself, taking that leap of faith and actually getting the ball rolling. Turning that idea you have thought about, wrote hundreds of detailed notes about, spoken to close ones about and even dreamt about, into a reality.

I remember a video by Eric Thomas where he talks about opportunity over obligation. He speaks about people being at work and moaning, not wanting to be there and not giving 100%. He then makes the point that if it wasn’t for the founder making his or her dream a reality and building that company then they wouldn’t have a job in the first place.

Imagine if the team that won Oscars for their special effects work on Gravity never got to work on Gravity because the production house that went on to make the film was never founded but just remained an idea. And the would be oscar winners instead worked ‘money jobs’ so they could pay the rent whilst trying to find visual FX work.

If Jamal Edwards never made SBTV would we have got to experience the great music of Ed Sheeran? Or if the YouTube founders decided to dismiss their idea for the website would Jamal of made SBTV or would he still be working in Topshop now unaware of the potential of a thought in his mind, an idea for a platform that isn’t there yet.

I guess what I am thinking is all of the people and pieces of the puzzle that we need for our ideas are all out there, we just have to put them together. Maybe there are a few film makers out there whole will make an award winning documentary on Innate but cant because I haven’t started it yet. How selfish of me.

Maybe one day in the distant future there will be a documentary of my entrepreneurial success called ‘What if: The story of Nathaniel GE’, where after having built a thriving worldwide youth media empire I am asked to read out the words I am typing now as a jobless 24 year old graduate with an idea in his room.

Maybe this is a new way we should think in terms of not letting the fear of failure stop us from pursuing our dreams. We should think of ourselves as being selfish. Not only are we stopping ourselves from creating something amazing, we would also be stopping the people that will go on to benefit, be apart of and maybe even do their life’s best work, via our idea in some shape or form.

Written: Friday 24th March 2014


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